Though all forms of Punjabi Literature are significantly evolving well, but short story writing is distinctly emerging out to portray the contemporary reality. Different aspects related to the key issues like women, labour, weaker sections, peasantry, middle class, diaspora and human relations have been presented with such insights through Punjabi short stories, which were not captured by even sociologists, economists, political scientists and psychologists. The transformation at the world level like industrialization, urbanization, globalization, privatization, liberalization and information revolution has made its impact on Punjabi society, culture, politics, economy and even on Punjabi psyche. The Punjabi short story have attempted to attain all these aspects in totality. To spread the genre globally, the origin of Punjabkatha.org took place.

Kartar Singh Duggal

Prem Parkash

Gurbachan Singh Bhullar

The pivot whose vision and ideas shape Punjabkatha.org on a regular basis is Dr. RAVI RAVINDER,  Professor and Head, Department of Punjabi, University of Delhi. Delhi - INDIA) renowned for his dedication to literary criticism.